Intramural program in full swing

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Fanshawe College is home to the largest college campus recreation program in all of Ontario. Amongst all of the class and assignments, we all deserve a little bit of time to clear our heads and relieve our stress. One way to do so is by participating in Fanshawe’s intramural program.

“We have basketball, baseball, ice hockey, three pitch, and many more fun games to play here at Fanshawe College.” says campus recreation director Jackie Corby.

And while many students may believe they are too busy for extracurriculars, Corby says that it’s always important to set aside some time to clear your head and enjoy yourself, and intramurals is the perfect way to do so.

“I think you have to have a break every once in awhile.” says Corby. “Even students with busy school schedules are encouraged to sign up and play.”

Even if you’re unfamiliar with a sport and want to try it out, intramurals is a great way to get your feet wet in a sport you might be interested in. Ben Kalbfleisch is a first year student at Fanshawe and has played baseball all of his life, but even he encourages new people to try it out and have some fun.

“Even if you’ve never played, come on out and try. We’re all here to have some fun.” encourages Kalbfeisch.

But Kalbfleisch also says that if you decide to play any sport in intramurals, you have to remember that you are part of a team and that it is important to always show up be a part of the team. Participation is a major key in intramurals and in order to have a successful team, everyone has to show up and participate.

“Your team kind of relies on you, so I think you owe it to them to show up so everyone can play and have fun.” explains Kalbfleisch. “It’s not much of a dedication.”

Fanshawe’s intramural program is something that every student could give a try. Keeping active is important not only in college, but all the time. Making new friends is easy at intramurals and which is very important to students that are new to the Forest City. Whether it’s baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football or any of the other fun games Fanshawe College has to offer, intramurals is surely something that anybody can find entertaining.

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