Kevin Nash comes to Fanshawe

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Kevin Nash comes to Fanshawe

In 1996, Kevin Nash was at the center of the wrestling universe. As a part of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he formed one third of the group known as the new world order, and worked along side Hulk Hogan.

He went on to become one of the most successful characters in the history of professional wrestling.

Twenty years later, Nash is now retired and living in Florida – but on Monday, he came to Fanshawe where students lined up in Forwell Hall complete with nWo shirts and memorabilia.

Nash got his first big break in the industry in 1993 as a bodyguard for WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, where he performed under the name Diesel – a reference to his hometown of Detroit.

He went on to win the title himself in 1994, holding it for almost a year.

It would be his only reign as WWE Champion. In 1996, Nash took his talents to Ted Tuner’s World Championship Wrestling, where at Bash at the Beach 1996, he immortalized himself in wrestling history.

It was there Hulk Hogan shocked the wrestling world and turned heel (became a bad guy).

Bash At The Beach 1996 - NWO Debut

As a part of the nWo, Nash led WCW to wrestling supremacy in what was called the Monday night wars. Beating the competition WWE in ratings for 84 straight weeks.

After selling out arenas all around the world, Nash finally retired from the wrestling business in 2011, and since then has appeared in a number of major movies including the Magic Mike series starring Channing Tatum.

In 2015, Nash was inducted  into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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