Health Canada to put regulations on vaping

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Vaping (Courtesy of Pixabay)

Vaping (Courtesy of Pixabay)

The Liberal government is working on legislation that, in the late fall, would regulate vaping.

Although information is limited, there is speculation that the regulations will target sales to youth, while also attempting better labeling of tobacco products.

Officials say that the regulations are a response to concerns of health risks associated with vaping, although conclusive evidence hasn’t been found. What is agreed upon is the possibility of vaping acting as an alternative to smoking, which is proven to present numerous more health issues.

Currently, vaping equipment, or e-cigarettes, are fully legal, with the only regulation restricting sales to individuals under the age of 19.

More details will be released as the government finalizes the legislature.

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