Pokémon Go hits Old East London for good cause

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

They came, they saw, they captured.

The London InterCommunity Health Centre hosted a Pokémon Go health challenge and placed down a lure, in order to raise awareness to what their services offer.

Players of the biggest app of the year took to 659 Dundas and tried becoming a gym leader by defeating the opposing pokémon. Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 11.17.51 AM

Challengers had the opportunity to find out if they can be the very best, as well as learn about the LIHC, who have served London for over 20 years.

The LIHC divides their efforts into multiple areas of aid, but this event they were promoting their poverty and homelessness services. They have maintained the same values over the two decades plus in the forest city; Social justice, equity, caring, inclusion and respect.


Scott Cordice is the executive director of the LIHC, and played a big role in the creation of the event.

“We were trying to think of ways that we could bring people down to Old East to our facility that don’t normally come, so we can educate them about poverty and the work that we do.”

They offer health care services for those who have difficulty accessing them, assist in finding  homes among other social services.

“At a time when society has never been more prosperous we still have people that are left behind and we can do better…” 

The LIHC try to minimize poverty in London, and Scott says it’s a major issue in this city and people need to take notice.

“We’ve got too many people in this community that don’t have access to the very basic needs to live. They don’t have access to food, they don’t have access to safe housing.”

Rob Rogers is a program ambassador at the LIHC, he says there is one thing he wants to get across.

“People can come in off the street and have a place to be safe and hang out.”

According to The Homeless Hub, as of 2010 12,000 people are in the shelter system in London, and the LHIC looks to help as many as possible with whatever they need.

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