Culture Days in London

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Culture Days in London

Culture Days and Doors Open have worked together to bring different cultures in London. It’s a great education for people to learn about different dances, food and arts.

Various events are scattered all around London.

The event brought over 100 vendors, each serving as a country. Many of the vendors displayed hand-made items and musical instruments.

Rosetta Cox is a member of the Irish Spokes Club in London. Her stand represents showcasing of dance and music of Ireland. “We have musical instruments here in town, they make mandolins, harps, flutes – which we are showcasing. We play music all the time in London. We are also showcasing some of the art, which is a big part of our culture.”

Cox says this event is also a great way of showing people in London the different Cultures. She says she likes learning about the different arts and music as well.

Dancers from all over the world came on stage to perform some of their traditional dances, bringing lots of interest within the crowd.

Kevin Tong is a spokesperson for the China Vendor Stand. With lots of pottery crafts and paintings. Tong is thrilled to show the fun side to things. ” It’s just to show how much fun to have in life, other then just to work and work. All you need is paint and a brush and that’s all I do.”

Tong’s eyesight isn’t the greatest as it use to be. Now he focuses more on expressing his art and talent through paintings.


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