Brescia University College announces ‘haunted house’ to join fall itinerary of events

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Brescia University College announces 'haunted house' to join fall itinerary of events

One of the festive welcome signs made by students living at Claire Hall.

Brescia University College is bringing something new to the table during the fall season to help first year students deal with the transition from high school to post-secondary education.

This year, the school is offering students an opportunity to help convert Ursuline Hall, Brescia’s first residence, into a haunted house.

“We have students living there this year, it has been empty for almost four years,” Carolyn Temple, Residence Manager for Claire Hall at Brescia said. “Getting students from Claire Hall to head over to Ursuline Hall is good for developing connections with other students.”

The haunted house will join the list of events and activities that the campus offers to students each year.

From decorating each of the floors in the residences to a pumpkin carving contest, Temple says the school is determined to provide first year students with many distractions to keep them from feeling depressed or stressed.

“We know this is a stressful time, students get homesick very quickly,” Carolyn Temple, Residence Manager for Claire Hall at Brescia said. “For me, knowing that they are not in their rooms [and] feeling sad is very important to me.”IMG_8611

During the fall months, the Residence Assistants (RAs) are put in charge of the activities.

“The fall ones are the ones [first year students] seem to remember,” Temple said.

Temple says that the school relies on the RAs ensure that first year students put down their textbooks and develop relationships with their peers.

The school did not comment if the haunted house is a charity event or a local event exclusive to students at Brescia.

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