First annual Dogtoberfest takes place in London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Dozens of dog-owners and their dogs came together to celebrate the first annual Dogtoberfest in London. The event featured many contests and events for dogs and their owners, with all the proceeds going to CanFix.

CanFix is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the humane and ethical treatment of animals, reduce health risks caused by canine overpopulation in unserviced areas and many more causes.

One of the venues at the event featured Art4Animals, a local London based charity that works with local artists to raise money for animal causes. They featured many drawings and crafts along with interactive painting for the dog owners and their pets.

With animals rights being a huge topic of discussion this year, ranging from the ban of Pitbulls in Montreal to growing issues of dog overpopulation in cities in Ontario. This event shined light on the importance of spay and neutering but also remembering the animals are also very important.

The final profit for the day raised at Dogtoberfest which will go to CanFix was 1000 dollars. That money will go to 5 more dogs who will no longer have to endure another litter of pups, struggling to feed them, having to watch them suffer, and finally able to live a healthier safer life.

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