Award-winning author Patricia Pearson shares her experience with anxiety

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Award-winning author Patricia Pearson shares her experience with anxiety

According to a study by college and university mental health counselors, 65 percent of Ontario students have faced overwhelming anxiety in the past year. Western University is raising awareness for the rising cases of mental health issues among students with “Wellness Week”.

Many events are going on this week to encourage students to reach out for help and take time for themselves, including a presentation by award-winning author and journalist Patricia Pearson. The daughter of Lester B. Pearson, wrote “A Brief History of Anxiety” which discusses her journey to wellness after dealing with debilitating anxiety. Pearson will give life-saving advice to students about telling the difference between fear, stress, and anxiety.

In our technology-obsessed generation, it’s easy for us to hide behind our keyboards and not think about the effect our words may have on others. Media and mental health lecturer at Western Meredith Levine says the rise of mental health issues among students may be partly due to the facade of Facebook. Students are more likely to post their best angles and the good things that happen to them– while rarely posting their struggles or asking for help. Levine adds that ‘keyboard warriors’ often hide behind their computer screens and use social media to shame and humiliate others. She hopes Pearson’s presentation “Shades of Blue” will give students a greater perspective of an issue that affects a majority of  young people.

“Shades of Blue” will be hosted in the University Community Centre (room 37) tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:30 pm for free. She will be selling copies of her book for 20 dollars cash.

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