Committee puts Camden Terrace on chopping block

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Committee puts Camden Terrace on chopping block

London’s Planning and Environment Committee effectively sealed the fate of Camden Terrace Monday evening when they voted to demolish several townhouses on Talbot Street.

A public participation meeting was held, where several residents voiced their concerns over how the city has handled the new high rise development set to replace the historic buildings.

Kelly McKeating was one of those opposed to the destruction of the properties.

“In granting this demolition permit, as I expect that you will, you are going to be rewarding the developer for his neglect of a heritage property that has been listed as priority one in the city’s inventory since 1991. Next time, please don’t let a developer’s lack of imagination win over the best interest of Londoners.”

According to Rygar, the property has significant soil contamination and foundation problems that require the current townhouses to be demolished.

“From a feasibility point of view of trying to support these structures, take the soil out from underneath, somehow build new foundations while holding up the buildings, it’s so impractical that you get to a point where you simply don’t consider it,” said John Rogers, President of Rygar Properties.

The new project by Rygar would be the largest structure between Mississauga and Calgary –  hosting over 700 units, and bringing in an expected $5 million in property taxes annually.

In the end, the committee voted 3-1 in favour of demolition, with Jesse Helmer being the sole vote against.


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