Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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Its a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

August and September have notably been warmer, and the weather will continue through October. Many local Londoners are enjoying themselves with doing fun activities at Harris Park.

Harris Park is known for the hosting big events like Rock The Park and Block Party.

People from all over London come to Harris Park to enjoy a bike ride, watch the ducks, go for a walk or just enjoy the scenery.

Jennifer Crow has been enjoying the warmer weather by going for a run.  She recently moved to London and says she hopes the nice weather continues throughout the month. “It’s an absolutely beautiful day for October, I figured I would get a run in while its still nice, sunny and warm. It feels like its a little bit of a extension for summer.”

Crow also says the first month living in London has been great so far.

Brad Poke has also been enjoying the weather by biking. “Oh September and October have been beautiful, I would come out in bad weather too but yeah I just love it in this weather.”

He also says he usually bikes for two hours on the trails and has been biking for over 10 years.

Environment Canada has been showing more sunshine then usual, leading the next few weeks to be warmer temperatures as well.



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