Get your groove on for Generocksity

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It’s a regular night at the bar. You’re with your friends dancing, laughing and having a great time. There is only one difference;

The money you spend goes to charity.

photo courtesy of the Generocksity website

photo courtesy of the Generocksity website

Generocksity is a CRA registered non-profit organization that educate young adults on bringing philanthropy into their every day lives. The group has expanded into 7 cities all over Canada, and have even had an event in New York. London is the newest addition to the Generocksity family.

The group have only been around for three years, and it wasn’t supposed to become what it has. The initital intention was for a single night of fundraising, after the founder Zeke Blumenkrans befriended a terminally ill man. Zeke decided to combine a common interest in music and a fundraiser into a night of partying in Vancouver to honour him. ¬†The reviews were so positive that Generocksity was born.

Kai Balin is the President of the London chapter and a Western University student studying kinesiology and says it was only logical to have a branch in the city.

“It’s not the conventional charity. It’s where young people can really interact and have a good time.”

The bread and butter of the organization is holding a night at a bar or a club, charging for tickets that are cheaper than cover on any other night, with all of the proceeds from the tickets and everything else going to a local charity. The South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre is where the proceeds of the first event in London is going. The SLNRC offers a variety of resources to youth and adults.

However the nights out aren’t the only thing the chapter is going to focus on. Kai says they want to be seen in the community.

“We’re not going to just donate our money but also our time. We’re going to do outreaches to these charities and try to make as big of an impact as possible in the London community.”

The Bull and Barrel is hosting the first Generocksity night in London on October 11th, you can get ticket information on the  Facebook event page.

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