London debate series racing throughout the city

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London debate series racing throughout the city

Be it resolved that political correctness has gone too far?

More than 300 Londoners are looking for the answers at an oxford-style debate later this month, the second of the Wolf Hall Debates series.

James Shelley, debate coordinator and moderator, was first exposed to the heighten sensitivities surrounding the heated topic a few months ago.

“The issue of political correctness resurfaced in the news and in the media over and over again and I just started exploring what does that mean? Where did that language come from?” he questioned.

Political correctness is used to describe languages, policies or measures intended not to offend or disadvantage a group of people, he said.

“Political correctness has almost become a proxy discussion about politics itself and it seems we increasingly don’t want to talk about politics,” he said. “But we still have real conversations that we need to have as a society that is self-sovereign… like what are my right and responsibilities to you as a person.”

Past debates dove into the topic of basic income guarantee where hundreds of Londoners gathered to discuss. The end goal is to create a safe environment for the community to gather and exchange informed perspectives on issues of concern.

Colleen Amatruda, librarian at Central Library, supports the Library-run debate series that offers an educational space for the debate series, serving the library’s mandate to serve the community.

“It’s very timely and topical with black lives matter with the American presidential debate,” she said. “As usual, the library is here to bring opportunities for people to talk about possibly uncomfortable subjects about people who have different opinions on the same topic.”

Local lawyers Ali Chahbar and Susan Toth will be arguing for the motion, while human rights activities Mojdeh Cox and Jeffrey Preston will be arguing against. The debate help October 17 at the Wolf Performance Hall will also feature a panel of distinguished respondents including Tim Blackmore, Western University professor.


Where to go:

When: October 17 7:00 – 9:00pm

Where: Wolf Performance Hall, Central Library

Political Correctness Debate

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