Remember to donate around this time of year

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the people around you and also a time to help those in need.

The London Food Bank always has their doors open to anyone that would like donate their time by volunteering, food, and they accept cash.

The food bank accepts their non-perishable food but also accepts fruits and vegetables, Jane Roy of the London Food Bank says “we love fresh, if you are going to donate fresh foods you need to give it to us right away so we can put it in our coolers.”


The food bank is supplying food for about 3,600 families a month, or 86,000 pounds of food a month.

Jane Roy also tells us what they do if the Food Bank doesn’t have enough food for the people in need “normally we have enough, but I know maybe like 10-20 years ago some people would have to go without food, but now we take money donations and save it just in case of a time like that or if we run out of a specific food, we use the donated money for that.”

You can donate foods at the London Food bank, located at 926 Leathorne street.

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