The Memory Project awareness

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The Memory Project awareness

The Royal Canadian Regime hosted a Memory Project Event and The public was invited to listen to a war Veteran share his stories about the Afghanistan war.

Davida Aronovitch the project Manager at The Memory Project wants everyone to experience and learn the importance of listening to these stories.

” We really stress and believe that these veterans stories can help people realize how important these stories of war really are. We want to bring awareness for veterans and so everyone can see what happens at war.”

Max Smith was the veteran speaking at the event. Max was apart of Operation Medusa. Max spoke about his time in Afghanistan and how speaking about these stories help him recover.

” I love speaking at these events, it is a great opportunity¬†to share my stories to other veterans and other people who have no idea what really happens over there.”

The memory Project has grown to countrywide and currently has over 900 volunteers.

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