Stamp collectors have faith in future of stamps

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Over the weekend, the Hellenic Community center was the home of the CANPEX stamp show.

IMG_1014The CANPEX is a showcase for stamp collects to view and learn about the thousands of stamps that were there. The Middlesex Stamp club organized the event mainly to attract more people into stamp collecting says organizer John Sheffield “we are hoping that lot’s of families show up with their children so that hopefully they become stamp collectors”.

Sheffield also talks about how people get interested into stamp collecting at a young age, drift away, then come back to collecting  stamps when they get older.


Stamp viewing at the CANPEX

But with emails now taking over and seeing less of a need to send letters, why would there be a need for stamps. Another organizer and Stamp club member Steve Johnson says “I don’t think so, as long as we get younger people getting into the hobby (of collecting) there will still be the need”.

But the hobby of collecting stamps is a pricey one according to Steve Johnson and John Sheffield, as they say one of the most valuable stamps sold for $10 million.  But, stamps could also be a cheap as $10 and range to thousands of dollars.

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