CoverGirl announces their first-ever cover boy

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CoverGirl announces their first-ever cover boy

Easy, breezy, beautiful, ground-breaking.

Covergirl introduced the newest face of their make-up brand, 17-year-old James Charles, as the first every cover boy. Charles is a social media star and make-up guru who will be working alongside pop star Katy Perry for the launch of the brands new mascara line.

This new marketing strategy is an aim to break traditional beauty standards and gender norms.

Wil Sorrell, the co-chair of the Positive Space Ally Program at Fanshawe and believes this sort of campaign can benefit those who are nervous to be themselves.

“I think anytime any company makes a step in a direction that’s unexpected it helps create a more positive space because it helps people accept one another for who they are. At the end of the day, if men want to wear makeup then they should be able to wear makeup.”

He says men have been wearing makeup since Ancient Egypt and Ancient China, saying this is not a new phenomenon noting that he knows men who wear foundation to cover up acne.

Though the announcement has its benefits, he says we have to remind ourselves that CoverGirl is still a corporation who is looking to make money.

“Right now CoverGirl is only really marketing to half of the population right, so if anything this is sort of a money grab thinking ‘hmm’ can we convince men to wear makeup too.”

Whether it’s a money grab or a genuine step towards a more inclusive society, James Charles is a pioneer for more unconventional beauty ambassadors in the media.

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