Midterms at Fanshawe

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The pressure in on for most college students as they go head first into midterms.

Midterms are exams that mark the half way point of a semester. This can be a very busy and stressful time for students, as they make that push to try and make it through to the second half of the semester.

For people who are just starting out their first year at college this can be a very scary few weeks, but midterms can also be the first proving ground for them as a they see where they stand for far in the year and where improvements can be made.

And for students who have been through midterms before it can either be a dreaded time or just another go around the track.

But that doesn’t hide the fact that midterms can be a serious problem for students, mental and even physical health play a big part in that.

Stress may be very prominent near midterm and exam time, but it’s not a seasonal thing, stress can hit you hard anytime of the year, that’s why if needed it’s important to seek the proper help. there are many programs and services available at Fanshawe as well as western to help students deal with stress.

Such as you student advisor, peer support services, school counselors, and even your program coordinator. All these services are available at Fanshawe.

It is very important to always keep stress management in the back of your mind. But that can be very hard depending on what you are stressing about, and in the midterm time what students are mostly stressing about are grades.

When it comes to midterms it’s all about the grades. And there are numerous programs at Fanshawe that offer support to those who look for the help with their grades and schooling in general.

Frank Spence, XFM News.

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