The Lost Soul Stroll is haunting the streets of downtown London

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The Lost Soul Stroll is haunting the streets of downtown London

As the sun begins to set, the audience follows the cast out into the streets of downtown London to learn the story of George Jervis Goodhue. Mr. Goodhue, a character based on a cruel man from London, is forced to face his past of wronging others before ultimately succumbing to his fate.

The performance is not like a traditional theatre show because each scene takes play in a new corner or alleyway. Seeing the downtown skyline at night is something the director says adds to the ambiance of the story.

“These are some really old buildings from the early 1800s. There’s one arch we go through that was an actual carriage arch that would take you into the courtyard of this huge inn, which is now a parking lot, to do our scenes.”

Travelling around outside causes the cast and crew to have to continuously adapt to the weather, people, and even stray cats wandering around. Susan Williams plays Cruelty, the demon responsible for showing George Goodhue his despicable past, and says it keeps her on her toes.

“You have to be aware of so many things when you’re out there and still keep your audience’s attention so it a lot more challenging than just standing on a stage where you know what to expect and you know what is going to happen next.”

Audience members say the movement keeps them engaged, wondering where they will end up next.

The Lost Soul Stroll has been haunting the streets of London since 2005, and this years ghostly tale is sure to get you in the Halloween mood. The show runs from now until October 22nd, and then the 25th-29th.

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