All evidence presented in dangerous offender hearing for ex-MMA fighter Justin Primmer

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Former mixed martial arts fighter Justin Primmer’s indeterminate prison sentence is moving to the next phase.

Focusing on Primmer’s criminal history of manslaughter and assault causing bodily harm, the Defense called their final witness to the stand.

While addressing Superior Court Justice Alissa Mitchell, Steve Glenn, Deputy Superintendent for the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre described Primmer’s incidents other inmates as “minimal” as he was only involved in two offenses over a span of two years.

Glenn says that he has received reports from correctional staff that Primmer is “courteous” and “offers to do extra chores to help out”.

During the Crown’s cross-examination, Glenn was asked about one incident where Primmer was involved in a group brawl that took place in 2015 after one inmate antagonized the unit.

During Glenn’s testimony for the Defense on the issue, he claimed that the antagonist was reaching into his pocket for a potential weapon before Primmer got involved.

“When you have been doing what I have for 33 years, you are trained to always expect they’re reaching for a weapon,” Glenn said.

Reviewing the clip thoroughly, the Crown argued that the inmate was adjusting his coveralls and that Glenn was “importing justification” regarding Primmer’s involvement.

Regarding Primmer’s reputation among inmates, Glenn was also asked about his comment to the Defense on Primmer being “a heavy” at the facility.

Glenn says his professional fighting ability and his physique allow him to “carry clout among the inmates within the unit”.

Throughout the hearing, the Crown has argued that proper controls need to be in place for Primmer because he has been deemed a high risk of reoffending violently.

The Defense claims that Primmer’s age and commitment to supervision and new treatment programs could help him reintegrate into the community.

A specific date for Mitchell’s decision has not been given. Both sides will file written submissions throughout November and December.

A final oral argument is expected to take place on November 8th.

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