Federal panel aims to decipher youth unemployment

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Over the coming months, a federally appointed youth unemployment panel’s goal will be to better understand the barriers surrounding youth unemployment.

Chairwomen of the panel Vass Bednar indicates that Canada could soon face unexpected economic and social fallout without a clearer picture of where and how young people are failing in the labour market.

Youth unemployment is a nationwide issue and as a result Bednar says the panels mandate is simple and straightforward.

“We are going to assess the barriers faced by youth in finding and keeping jobs, while examining innovative practices used by governments, non governmental organizations and employers both at home and abroad to improve job opportunities for youth.”

Bednar also said inflation in our education system and an oversupply in particular job markets are contributing factors to the matter of youth unemployment.

art phot“Over education is something that’s happening that there are an emerging subset of Canadian youth that may be overeducated for the types of jobs that they’re getting. So some of that could be tied to pursuing a master degree in order to feel competitive.”

While the panel is finding that there are job opportunities in Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM), fields like teaching are becoming saturated.

“So traditionally teaching has been a really great, stable, middle class, rewarding job but something that’s happening with young people who are taking teachers training is that the wait lists are long and it can be difficult to get a foothold.” said Bednar.

Having a negative first employment experience can have a detrimental effect for someone to have who is fully trained and ready to go, according to Bednar.

The panels first first interim report is due to the government this December and their final report is due March 15th.



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