Black Cat Adoption Month

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Black Cat Adoption Month

With Halloween coming up, you may be familiar with the classic image of the ‘spooky’ black cat beside a moon or pumpkin.

Black cats have been associated with bad luck for hundreds of years. Historians trace supblack-cat-and-moon-graphic-illustration-don-bishoperstitions about these black beauties back to Europe in the Middle Ages. During the Salem Witch Trials, it was believed that witches transformed themselves into black cats to hide from society.

Even after these myths were debunked, black cats are still the last ones to be picked in shelters and litters. What will it take for these dark silky companions to find loving homes? The London Humane Society asked themselves the same question, which is why they named October “Black Cat Adoption Month” to encourage adopters to not judge a feline by the colour of their furr.

Executive Director of the London Humane Society Judie Foster says black cats are just as friendly as other more colourful cats and can bring great joy to any family willing to adopt one. Though, these cats won’t be going home to just anyone– to make sure these kitties are safe, Foster ensures every adopter goes through a thorough screening process. Since promoting the campaign, Foster has seen many happy families bring home these precious panther-looking pets.

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