London Sightings UFO Club keeping an eye on our skies

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
London Sightings UFO Club keeping an eye on our skies

Looking out for suspicious activity in the skies may not be something most Londoners are concerned about, but for London Sightings UFO Club it’s their priority. The group was started last year as a growing demand for those interested and witnessing UFO activity to come together and discuss what they saw.

The group has a faithful attendance of UFO enthusiast who gather once a month to get up to date with anything out of this world related. Along with watching films on UFO’s, alien abductions, and paranormal activity, the group attends conferences together and encourages anyone who is curious or has experienced alien activity to come out to their meetings once a month. Geno Gadiss, founder and head of the group says there are many UFO reports from Londoners.

“I saw this red light the flew across the sky is the report, and people in London do report UFO’s but there is a lot of people in London and the area that will not report.”

Something Geno would like to see more members of the community do, as reports of UFO’s around the world are becoming increasingly popular. Though he is very skeptical about everything he hears, it’s important for him to be open minded.

“This is an open-minded group, I don’t always believe everything I hear but for the most part these are genuine reports that people have and you can’t just dismiss them”

There have been over 250 sightings in the London area, and over 1600 in Ontario.

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