Flu Vaccine: Who should get it?

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Flu Vaccine: Who should get it?

The short answer is everyone should get the flu shot. However there are certain people who should be getting the flu shot over others. Though not every flu season is bad some can be deadly.It’s really hard to predict how bad each flu season will be  and the only way to try to protect the most vulnerable in any flu season is for as many people as possible to get the shot.

And who are those most vulnerable, mostly young, sick, and elderly. One place you can get your flu shot is a local pharmacy, Zee Patel with Rexall says those vulnerable are not just the young and elderly.

“We do recommend them to high-risk patients which include,pregnant women, kids, seniors, and all those with a immunocompromised illness like diabetes,”

She adds, if you are a healthy adult you do not fall under  a high risk patient so you don’t necessarily need the vaccine however it’s not a bad idea to take to be on the safe side.

Flu shots do contain eggs, so those with an allergy to the flu shot have to pursue different options. You may experience flu like symptoms upon receiving the vaccine that could last for a week as the body fights the virus and creates and immunity to it.

For more information on the Flu shot and where you can get in your area, you can visit the Government of Canada’s website.

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