Homecoming date switch – Was it worth the trouble?

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Homecoming date switch - Was it worth the trouble?

For the first time, Western University changed the homecoming date to last weekend. Many students were appalled by the school’s decision, but it came with some added benefits. In an effort to combat public intoxication, litter, and crowds on streets such as broughdale and richmond, Western thought it may be a good idea to host homecoming later in the year so partygoers are less encouraged to drink and cause mischief on the streets.

It turned out that the change was beneficial, depsite many students devising their own “Fake Homecoming” earlier in the semester. The effect of Homecoming are, however still very much felt, with trash lined up along curbs in busy streets, as well as beer bottles thrown through windows, etc in recent years.

For decades, Western has prided itself on providing a Homecoming experience second to none in Canada, and hopes to continue providing this to alumni into the future. In terms of plans for 2017, a full de-brief will take place in late October to determine how the University will approach Homecoming moving forward


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