Invading Pumpkins in the Forest City

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Pumpkins are coming through London like a storm this month of October. Weather is be for decoration or cooking, farmer are working around the clock to help get as many different types of pumpkins to Londoners as possible.

With the final pumpkin harvests of the year getting ready to be shipped out to various bakeries, market, stores and everyday consumers. It’s safe to say that the pumpkin business is doing well.

Kevin Howe the farm manager for G & M Howe & Sons LTD told us that pumpkins are even becoming safer to consume, because of new innovations coming forth in recent years. Pumpkins now give much less of a chance for disease mow that pumpkin are grown a top of rye to protect the pumpkins.

But which ever way you use your pumpkin you can rest assured that it’s being grown in the safe hands of Ontario Farmers.

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