Should students have a part-time job?

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For some students, working in college is a necessity, while for others, it is simply a way to make some extra cash.  Around 80% of students work at some point while enrolled in post-secondary education.  One of the best things a college job provides is an opportunity to develop professional skills that employers will be expecting upon graduation.  But, there’s a potential to work so much that their jobs interfere with their college goals and academic progress.

Experts say the ideal number of hours for students to work in 10-15 a week.  They also say it’s best to wait a semester or preferably a year before looking for work. This gives students time to get settled into their new life.

There’s even some evidence that working a little bit while you’re in school can actually improve your chances of graduating.  But everyone’s different; only the student themselves know how organized they are and how well they work under pressure.

In order to incorporate a job successfully into your school life, you need to make sure that your studies are given the priority and that you aren’t feeling as if you’re missing out on college life.  Students need to make sure working part-time enhances your goals rather than hampers them.

There’s something to be said to put off working and enjoying a college experience for as long as possible. Getting involved in clubs, organizations and social gatherings can often be just as beneficial to a future job.  Nothing helps to manage new found freedom and a acquire a sense of responsibility like a job, but remember why you’re at school in the first place; to someday work in your field of choice and find the job of your dreams.



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