The Death of a Language

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Languages as our main way to communicate as humans, but where humans evolve so too does our language even to the point where some of our long cherished and look after languages become extinct.

For a language to become “Extinct” there much be no one who can speak the language at all. And this has happend to many languages over the history of man kind. But where does this issue hold up in today’s world?

In today’s time there are still languages struggling to keep afloat, like wales. None hit us more close to home as Canadian as our many aboriginal languages. In Canada there are around 50 different aboriginal languages belonging to the first nations, the Inuit and the Metis. But over the past 100 years 10 once flourishing aboriginal languages have since vanished.

Dr. Clair Senior a Language and Liberal Studies Professor at Fanshawe College has said the she has never seen a language resist extinction when put in the situation like these aboriginal ones are.  But she also said most aboriginal languages are likely to be documented and stored to preserve them in some way.

All in all Dr. Senior said the most important way to keep a language alive to to be aware that it is struggling.



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