Londoners protest sale of Hydro One with extension cords

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Londoners protest sale of Hydro One with extension cords

With electricity bills on the rise,  some residents say they have had enough.

A small group of Londoners met at Covent ¬†Garden Market on Friday night to protest the Ontario government’s sale of Hydro One.

In the spirit of Halloween, many in the group came in costume. They also came with signs reading “Hydro Wynne scares me” and a few interesting props.

ONDP leader Andrea Horwath joined the demonstration and echoed her party’s continued opposition to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s plan to sell off an additional 30% of Hydro One.

“This Premier is not the Premier she said she was going to be” Horwath told the crowd.

After words from both Horwath and London – Fanshawe MPP Teresa Armstrong, the 20 person congregation took to the streets to display their displeasure – along with a length line of extension cords.

The downtown march was one of a number of recent events concerning hydro in London.

Last weekend, Teresa Armstrong held a town hall event in which residents brought their hydro bills.

The Ontario government has already sold off 30% of Hydro One, and plans to sell off an additional 30% in the future. The sale would turn the once public corporation into a majority private company.

Proponents say the sale would bring in much needed cash for infrastructure projects, while opponents say the sale will mean higher prices for consumers.

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