Console Wars: Xbox One vs PS4

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The Xbox or the PlayStation.  This has been a long held debate of which system is better.  Both the PS4 and Xbox One have millions of users around the world, and both have somewhat of a cult following that would say their system is clearly the superior one.  Many gamers have already made up their mind as to which system they prefer, but for those of you still deciding between the two, you may want to keep reading.

Greg Picken is a member of Project Play, Southwestern Ontario’s biggest hands-on gaming organization.
He’s an avid gamer, and owns and plays both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.   There’s many differences between the two, but Picken doesn’t feel that one is better than the other.  He says  it comes down to an individual gamers preferences; what games you like, what controller feels more comfortable, and what your friends are playing are big factors someone should consider before purchasing either console.

Although Picken feels the systems are neck-and-neck, he says this could soon change.  The introduction of the PS4 Pro this year and Xbox Scorpio next year, could definitely give one console the advantage.  For now though, you can’t go wrong either way.


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