Halloween Safety

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Halloween Safety

Halloween is finally here and that means lots and lots of candy as well as fun, but it also means the streets of London will be filled with children looking for goodies. Having fun, getting spooky and eating as much candy as you can are all important on this night, but the most important thing to remember about Halloween is our children’s safety.

There’s a lot of different precautions to take when thinking about child safety on Halloween.

“We want to make sure kids are wearing something really bright, something that doesn’t impead the way kids are walking down the street” Says Paul Frittz from the London Middlesex Health Unit.

Drivers are also urged to be extra cautious tonight, as kids are hit by vehicles more on Halloween than any day of the year.

Driving instructor, Dave Smalls says the kids “aren’t going to be paying attention to where they’re running and what’s going on around them” so it’s the drivers responsibility to look out for pedestrians.

Some other tips and tricks for trick or treating tonight to ensure your child’s safety:

Drivers are asked to do the following:

  • Be extra careful and watch for pedestrians.
  • Avoid any distractions while driving such as eating or using your phone.
  • Ensure that headlights, brake lights and signals are working. Headlights should be turned on at dusk.

Trick-or-treaters, and their families, are asked to do the following:

  • Cross at traffic signals, crosswalks and stop signs on busy roads.
  • Wait for cars to come to a complete stop and make eye contact with the driver before starting to walk across the street at a stop sign, crosswalk or traffic light.

Make sure you have a spectacular, spooky and safe Halloween this year.

Halloween Safety Prep

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