Healthy living with Dr. Gravelle

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Dr. Laura Gravelle is the owner of Gravelle Family Chiropractic in London. A former competitive swimmer and gymnast, she is no stranger to her own aches and pains. Now practicing in her 14th year, she includes holistic methods in her treatments.

“It’s about treating the whole’s like the tree of life…it starts from the top and it goes to the bottom.”

Dr. Gravelle's treatment area.

Dr. Gravelle’s treatment area.

Advice as well as a clients testimonial

Advice as well as a clients testimonial







Dr. Gravelle is familiar to an audience. She frequently conducts workshops where she discusses the importance of eating healthy, how to exercise with no time and become a much healthier and therefore happier person.

“It’s the 80-20 rule you know, 20% of the bad things and 80% of the good.”

She also wants people to see food in a different light.

“If you eat white bread and Pepsi, you’re going to have the energy that comes with eating white bread and pepsi. Food is fuel.”

Dr. Gravelle explains in these talks that there are a couple of easy guidelines to follow for healthier eating.

“Go around the store, avoid the aisles. If you can’t read the label, don’t put it in your body.”

Dr. Gravelle is currently partnered with two Farm Boy’s in London on Wellington and Masonville. She speaks every second Wednesday rotating locations and topics.

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