Dealing with Coyotes and other wildlife

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Dealing with Coyotes and other wildlife

Many Londoners were in fright last Halloween as teachers and students in White Oaks spotted a coyote, police urged people who see it to call 9-11.

Coyotes are not an uncommon sightings in the London area, according to Lesley Sampson co-founder of Coyote Watch Canada, says seeing  coyotes in London should be of no shock to anyone.

“Because you see a coyote or another wildlife species in the community is not necessarily a reason to me alarmed. Coyotes live within the city boundaries of London and across Ontario,”

Coyote Watch Canada has been working for almost a decade on educating the public on co-existence with animal wildlife specifically focused on coyotes. Understanding and helping the public realize the importance of coyotes is essential according to Lesley Sampson, who has pointed out in the past that coyotes are often mistaken by stray dogs.

“The introduction of and implementation of feeding wildlife bylaws and awareness, signage compliment and help foster communities that are not only more educated and aware about wildlife but also moving away from conflict”

Those are all the keys factors Lesley Sampson believes needs to be implemented so people in the community know how to react accordingly to encounters with wildlife. She also offers tips to avoid any conflict with coyotes.

“Not having our pets off leash, and teaching our children safety precautions as well of what to do when they encounter them.”

Coyote Watch Canada offers a hotline to be reached at if you do spot any coyotes in the your area, and encourage people to visit the Coyote Watch Canada website for more information.

Coyote Watch Hotline:(905) 931 – 2610

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