Out with the old, in with the new at Camden Terrace location

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Camden Terrace is being demolished to make way for what owners hope to be two high rise structures at the site of where the old row homes currently stand, but many heritage advocates are upset with the city’s decision to demolish the victorian structure.

“It’s kind of the last victorian-style row homes we have in this area of Downtown London,” explains head of London advisory committee on heritage Derek Dudek. “We were really hoping the new buildings’ design would incorporate the Camden Terrace into it.”

While much of Downtown London is a sanctioned victorian-style area, including much of Dundas; Downtown London as a whole is becoming much more modernized.

Dudek continues to explain that even though Camden Terrace wasn’t completely left out of the new high rise buildings’ design, it wasn’t necessarily what they were hoping for. “They did make mention that in the foyer of the new buildings, Camden Terrace would be represented in some way but it wasn’t what we had proposed as a committee and we aren’t happy about that.”

The new high rise buildings are expected to be 29 and 38 storeys respectively, making this Canada’s largest high rise project in between Mississagua and Calgary.

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