Fitness and wellness coming to Fanshawe

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
The walls are beginning to close in and the bricks are being laid as Fanshawe’s new 24m dollar Fitness and Wellness Centre gets ready to open this spring.Student Union President, Carlie Forsythe says, there’s a lot for students to get excited about.

“We’re looking at at a three story rock climbing wall, which will be pretty cool. We’re hoping that there will be nap rooms, there will be larger gym, fitness facilities and we’re moving fowler kennedy sports medicine clinic in there, as well as, the pharmacy. There will also be a booster juice run by students.”

However as much effort that went into the centre’s aspects of fitness, also went into its wellness.

“A lot of our direction as of late is for wellness, different wellness programming and that’s a really great way to do it. Not to mention, that the new wellness centre, gym memberships are included in everyone’s tuition.” said Forsythe.

The tuition price for the centre will be roughly twenty-five dollars a semester, per person, making the centre affordable for all students.Forsythe suggests it isĀ important to the well being of students for the college to provide something like this.

“I think it’s important that students have the option to get fit, go work out. I think working out obviously has scientific backing and research, on how it helps people study, helps with their mental health, and helps people study.”

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