London called the “birth-place of Insulin”

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London called the "birth-place of Insulin"

In celebration of World Diabetes Day, people from all around the world are commemorating the birthday of the late Sir Frederick Banting, who was the founder of Insulin.


Londoners entering Banting House

The London-native, who would have celebrated his 125th birthday today, first wrote down his ideas for the treatment of diabetes in his home in the Forest City, which gave hope to people suffering from the then-fatal disease. One Nobel prize later, people living with diabetes are able to control the sugar levels in their blood thanks to this life saving treatment.

Curator of the Banting house national historic site in London Grant Maltman welcomed the community into the museum for a ceremony this evening to celebrate the founder. The event kicked off with a tour of the museum, a speech commemorating Banting, and members of the community read out “Dear Banting” letters to thank him for his work.

Maltman also unveiled commemorative bricks from all around the world that were laid to lead up to the museum’s globe statue in honor of the scientist. Each brick has the name of a different city inscribed to show support for Sir Frederick Banting and his contribution to Diabetes treatment.

Commemorative bricks revealed

Commemorative bricks revealed

At the ceremony two young brothers Noah and Adam Degrane presented the curator Grant Maltman with a cheque to support the research of the museum. One of the brothers Noah, says it was his father who inspired him. He knows his father, who is a diabetic, could not survive without his daily Insulin.

The boys sell products made from para-cord rope at various events and fundraisers in the London community with all funds going towards Banting house. Their business is called para Partners and can be found on Facebook.




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