Music affects the brain and body

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Music is much more than something to dance to or sing along with. It’s remained a popular artistic outlet for individuals ever since the dawn of time. Music affects us in so many ways

Jonathan De Souza is a professor of music theory at Western University. He says music has a way of influencing every kind or person, from any age to any cultural background. He says it’s possible through the relationship music has on the brain.

“The brain’s ability to move to a beat is actually linked to our motor system and our ability to control our bodies. Our ability to hear mistakes actually uses parts of the brain that are used for understanding the syntax and grammar of our languages as well. So there are all these interesting overlaps with parts of the brain that also do other things, even with people who have no formal training.”

There’s many different genres of music, and some people believe that perhaps listening to one genre will have a different effect than listening to another. De Souza referred to this as the “Mozart Effect”. People believe being exposed to classical music will make them smarter or better thinkers.

De Souza says there is no type of music that is better for your brain’s development than another.

“Listening to any kind of music is going to bring together these aspects of hearing and movement, and all these different parts of the brain. I don’t think there are specific benefits to any particular style [of music].”drum-kit-1784134_960_720

Knowing what you’re listening to, and knowing what goes into creating what your listening to, is a valuable skill to have, and is usually obtained through musical lessons.

Alex Toms is a drummer in the band Big Daddy Saturn and the Mood Rings, as well as a student in the music industry arts program at Fanshawe College.

Toms says he’s able to listen to music in a different way than the average consumer, by using critiquing methods used to create the song. He also recognizes that music has the ability to affect anyone, and plays an important role in someone’s emotions.

“Music is just one of those things that you’re able to connect with anybody. Everybody likes a certain kind of music, and with any person, the music that they’re listening to affects everyone I different ways. It can be something that they listen to on the daily because it makes them feel good about themselves, or maybe it brings back find memories.”

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