The Fanshawe Student Union operations

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The Fanshawe Student Union operations

The Fanshawe Student Union is the backbone of the student experience.  There work may not be evident for every Fanshawe Student but they certainly play a big role in making sure you get the most out of your post secondary experience.

The president of the Fanshawe Student Union is Carlie Forsythe and she says that running the Student Union is like running a business, “We have board of directors, we have 10 divisional representatives, 6 executives, and we also have presidents from regional schools.” Carlie also says that her role of president is an interesting job, ” I’m the figurehead of the organization. I set the direction what were gonna do this year as I also help manage the operations of the student union as with the vice presidents.”

The Fanshawe Student Union is the place to go to find out about your student councilevents and contests, information about your bus passhealth plan and how to get involved with the Student Union.

For the Fanshawe Student Union, they take a lot of their revenue from student fees so they have ancillary fees which all full-time students pay for which also makes them apart of the student union experience.

Interview with Carlie Forsythe

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