Why women aren’t allowed in some church ministries

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The Catholic Church has been put on blast again after the pope has said that women will never be priests in the Catholic church, this has put this issue back into the light of the media and its leaves many people asking, what is he current condition of Women being ordained in Church ministry?
Well for starters in the Catholic Church itself, after a study from the pope he has admitted that he would consider allowing women to become deacons within the Church. Women won’t be allowed to conduct mass like priests, but they would be able to Preach, care for the poor, and do baptisms. They would even be ordained similar to ministers.

So, what do other denominations believe about women in Church ministry, well whenever looking into Christian teachings it’s important to know that there are many different denominations and understandings of the Christian faith that there is even debate between denominations. And this all goes back to each denominations interpretation of the Bible, and some take the Bible literally while other look more for its teachings.

Some denominations the openly allow women into leadership roles are the Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist church.

Denominations that have held their stance against women in Church Ministry are the Roman Catholic Church, Fundamental Baptist Church, as well as many Lutheran Denominations.

So, will we see some of these Denominations change their stance on Women in the Church? Well the answer is likely not, Rev. Al Stone Pastor of the Bible Baptist Church had this to say, “We probably won’t be seeing any Church change their Doctrines anytime soon because if the Bible doesn’t change why change your beliefs”.

Even though women aren’t allowed Rev Stone wants people to know that even though they aren’t ordained there are still many roles women can find in the Church to help serve their God.

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