Vegfest: A huge success

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Vegfest: A huge success

The vegan movement is growing and bigger than ever, if you needed re-affirmation on that-look at the Vegfest London attendance.

Vegfest was held last Saturday at the progress building in the Western District. There were over 120 vendors and around 7,000 attendees, topping last years 5,000. The event was as a huge success to a movement that has been receiving more and more attendance each year. Abby McCuaig who sat on the committee for the event said it was a good opportunity for members of the London community and others across Ontario to get a taste of the vegan experience.

“It’s something for those who want to learn more or want to understand what the movement is all about, get tips from presenters and meet dozens of vendors, and of course get to taste good food.”

The event was not short of various presenters by any means. Attendees got to a experience a presentation from renowned Canadian photojournalist Joanne McArthur, who has work for many years in photographing animals in Zoo and advocating for the freedom of animals which is a huge part of the vegan movement.

It was a free entrance for all attendees, Vegfest relied on donations and sponsorships to make it all possible. Some would be shocked to note that most attendees are not vegetarian or vegan, in fact most people that come in are trying to learn more about and try it out.

This was the third year Vegfest was held in London, though it is one of the more newer Vegfests around it is certainly not lacking popularity.


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