Black Friday Shopping Sales

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Black Friday Shopping Sales

Black Friday is just around the corner, and for some – it’s an early start to Christmas Shopping. With many big deals happening at a variety of different stores, people can find the most out of buying a new home appliance, TV or furniture.

For Canadian Tire on Dundas Street, they will be celebrating Black Friday a day early. Jason B. is the manager for Canadian Tire, and he says what to expect on Red Thursday. “We will have big huge sales in the store and specials. We will have in-store stuff that will get our customers excited for the Christmas Season.”

Jason B. also says “We have special flyers to promote it, as well as in-store events, we may provide something like coffee and cake to our customers. We may have a band or special music – something like that.”

Jason also adds that if you come in early and know what exactly you want, you will have no problem getting the deals.

Kaliey Farshette is a student at Fanshawe college. She hasn’t been Black Friday shopping for over a few years but to her Cyber Monday is a little more handy. She also says she online shops often but keeping in mind how shipping and handling could be an issue for some.

Anyone with a credit card can  purchase their items online. This may be a perk to some as they may want to avoid the extra lineups from store to store.


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