What to do with the leaves

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

October has passed meaning the leaves have fallen to the ground.

Londoners have some options to get rid of the leaves lying on the ground in the yard.

London has 4 depots around the city to drop off any yard material at after the leafs have been put into bags. The bags cannot be plastic in order for the depot to accept them. You can find the 4 Waste Management depots here.

Londoner bags leaves in preparation of pickup

Londoner bags leaves in preparation of pickup

The compost can also get picked up curb side once every 3 weeks during the peak season of getting rid of leaves. Regularly, the compost gets picked up curbside once every 6 weeks. The reason for the change this time of year is because of the higher rate of compost.

After the yard material is picked up or dropped off, delivery trucks transfer the compost to a facility outside of London. Waste management Project Manager Wes Abbot says “the compost and yard materials will later become fertilizer that you can buy at local garden centres around the city.”


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