City Council Meeting

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City Council Meeting

City Council meetings can be long. Sometimes meetings will even last up to 5 hours. City Council had a special meeting Friday night regarding London Police Services and a discussion about the LPSC letter.

Throughout the discussion  a 15 minute recess was to allow Acting City Solicitor to report back with written information regarding the letter, which had lead some Council Members unsatisfied with the amount of on- camera talk that was being held that night.

Council Member Phil Squire says “I think for me what I learned tonight was that some of the smaller issues was that theres some smaller time lines that are met through the City. Mr. Palado’s  letter had inaccuracy’s in that regard but the bigger issue for me is why didn’t we prepare for what was a really important hearing for the City – still I think it was pretty obvious we just dropped the ball.”

Squire was one of the many members who was unsatisfied for taking multiple on-camera sessions.

He also says “Well, I hope that they understand that the council has expectations for administration. For me it’s just not good enough to say we didn’t do a good job and too bad. I think we have to say we are sorry and we have to do better… and I hope they do.”

Special meetings that are held at the Hall are unusual.

The meeting ended at 9pm.



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