Fighting for food security and fairness

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Fighting for food security and fairness

It’s awareness through spaghetti and couscous – a group of Londoners want to ensure no one goes to bed on an empty stomach.

Food Not Bombs is kicking off their seventh year in London serving free weekly vegan hot dinners to the public.

Mike Roy is a part of the volunteer group that gathers donated produce from local markets such as the Covent Garden Market, to transform into meals and share in the downtown core.

“What do we value in life? What are the most important things?” he asks. “That’s one of the messages that Food Not Bombs presents. It’s that we should be spending our time and resources on helping people [such as] helping the homeless and feeding people.”


The volunteer group gathers also uses out of pocket expenses to distribute food at the corner of Richmond and Dundas.

Steward Wise of Unifor, a Canadian union, accompanies the fight for security to advocate for the rise minimum wage from $11. 25 to $15.

“We want to bring people out of poverty and the fairness part of it is about changing workplace laws,” he said. “We want paid sick days.”

$15 and fairness rallies to raise minimum wage and awareness on job security in order to tackle the changing job market.

The duo are continuing their fight for food security and wage fairness every week in the downtown core.

Food Not Bombs

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