London emerging as a leader in domestic violence prevention and education

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London emerging as a leader in domestic violence prevention and education

Violence against women is an important and pervasive issue in the global sphere, and London, Ontario is stepping up to the plate to combat the problem.

“London has been a leader in this area,” says Dr. Linda Baker, the Learning Director at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women and Children.

“We’ve had strong leadership in terms of sexual violence, in terms of the hospital based program at St. Joe’s, in terms of the the community, and I think that there have been amazing community partnerships that have been built over the years.”

Dr. Baker has been working at the Centre for over 10 years, and has seen the progress that has been made first-hand in London. For someone of her stature to make such a claim is truly encouraging.

Barbara MacQuarrie is a co-worker of Dr. Baker’s; she is the Community Director at the Centre. She feels the same way about London’s response to domestic violence.

“London has shown a lot of leadership over the years in terms of innovations, research and education initiatives to address violence against women,” says MacQuarrie.

“I’m proud of the work here at the Centre, of my colleagues, and certainly those who have gone before.”

The resources available to combat the issue are extensive. Besides the Centre at Western University, London is also home to the Sexual Assault Centre, and the London Abused Women’s Centre, just to name a few.

The individuals who work at these support centres have dedicated their lives to combating the prevalent problem of domestic violence, and the hard work is paying off.

But as MacQuarrie warns, there is still a long way to go.

“I think we have to remember that the problem is still here, it’s still in our homes, and in our families, and amongst our friends, too.”

Though the problem is not one that can be solved alone, London is doing its part to combat the issue, and the extensive support system that has been built here promises hope for the future.

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