Travelling across Canada for the holidays

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

For many students, getting home for Christmas break is a necessity.

While some can simply hop in a car or get on a bus, others have a longer distance that requires more planning and expense.

Getting ready for those long distance trips across Canada or the world can be stressful, and the window for getting deals is small.

Darren Chapman, a professor of economics at Fanshawe College, says that preparing yourself for the cost of travel is important in maintaining a realistic approach to travel planning.

“It certainly is expensive, especially if you are talking about air fare, and depending on how far you are going,” Chapman says. “But students should be aware that they will probably look at anywhere from a low, I would say, of about $400 to up to $2,000-$2,500.”

But Chapman also recommends that students take the time to work in the cost of these trips into their budget carefully, and make preparations as early as possible to not only get deals, but be mentally and financially prepared before takeoff.
“They should think about that expense a little early so they can minimize their cost,” says Chapman.

Students with experience also have some tips in cutting cost.

Amilya Ladak is a 3rd year Health Studies student at Western University, and comes from Vancouver, BC.

She says that no matter how you get home, some advice exists for when you have to travel long distance.

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