Boys and Girls Club – The 12 Days of Christmas

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Boys and Girls Club - The 12 Days of Christmas

The Boys and Girls Club is held in London Ontario. Founded in 1956 this once all boys club has expanded to girls, families and seniors.

Inside the Boys and Girls Club many can find the joy of participating in different activities, such as swimming and rock climbing. Other programs are held at the club such as tutoring. For 4 years now the Club has been hosting the 12 Days of Christmas dinner. Deb Beck is the fundamental assistant for the event and explains the event. “The 12 days of Christmas is a sponsored event. We have a supper club that runs through the year, the kids will come in for a meal and play various activities that they might not get to do.”

Beck also says the event is a great way to get into the festive holiday season with the children.  “The kids are happy, the volunteers come in too and its just the littlest things. Sometimes they don’t get that interaction at home or at school. Here, they can get that little extra attention of someone asking – hi, how is your day”

Beck says just having that conversation with the children is what makes the world to them.

The event will be going until December 9th.




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