Professional holiday decorating vs. DIY holiday decorating

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Holiday Decorating- Do people take it to extremes?

People love to go full out when decorating for the holiday season.

Some people even go as far as hiring professional decorating companies. How much does it cost to hire professional companies to deck your halls?

Nicholas Moorhouse, Owner of Xmas Lights Done Right, says “Our basic packages including lights would be approximately a thousand dollars and it can range anywhere up to about twenty-five hundred.”

The number one concern for Moorhouse and his team is safety. He says, “A lot of the homes that we do are quite high and quite steep. In the off-season we are a professional roofing company, so we are trained and certified to work at heights.”

Moorhouse adds that most emergency room visits around the holidays are from people falling off ladders under 8 feet. He explains that, “There is specific training that is needed to be done to go up on ladders and to deal with the electrical matters.”

Jason Goncalves, a Manager at Canadian Tire, says most of his clients do DIY decorating around the holidays. Majority of the time, he says that customers ask for their help to draw a plan for decorating their front yard.

Lights available at Canadian Tire.

Lights available at Canadian Tire.

If you’re going to do DIY decorating, Goncalves says, “Make sure you have the tools to be able to do it. So make sure you’ve got a ladder that can fit all the way around your home, that will go up to the correct height that you need, make sure you’re doing it on a day where it’s safe to do so. We don’t usually recommend doing it on a snowy day or on a day that it’s raining, or wet, or damp.”

Moorhouse with Xmas Lights Done Right  is booking projects this holiday season upwards of twenty grand. Goncalves says some customers at Canadian Tire spend as little as fifty dollars and others have a total bill close to six hundred dollars.

Professional or not, people do love the holidays– enough to dig deep into their pockets to create a display with great decorations.

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