Helping out during the holiday season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year – at least for some. The holiday season is a happy time for many, but it can also be a headache for those who are less fortunate.

Around Christmas time, parents and guardians have a lot of pressure to supply gifts and holiday meals for their families, which often comes at a high price. The holiday season is one of the most expensive times of year, and for those who are just making ends meet, they may not be able to live up to the standards of modern day society.

Gift giving isn’t even in the question for some, as certain families are simply hoping for the basic necessities: clothes, food, and shelter. That’s why it’s so important to give back to the community during this crucial time of year.


Runners dressed up in the holiday spirit to donate their time and money to The Salvation Army.

The 26th annual Santa Shuffle Fun Run was just one way that the community did their part in giving back on the weekend. Runners, walkers, and shufflers gathered at Fanshawe College to raise funds and to stay active for a good cause. All proceeds raised for the run were donated to The Salvation Army.

Spokesperson for The Salvation Army, Shannon Wise, stressed how little events like these, can make big changes.

“We know all year round, especially at Christmas, we don’t like to see anyone without the basic necessities, like basic shelter, food and clothing,” says Wise. “Londoners always pull through, especially at Christmas, so this event is just one of many that they can take part in, in order to help us do that.”


Shannon Wise is The Salvation Army Spokesperson, and says Londoners have always been eager to help out not just during the holidays, but all year round.

The annual Teddy Bear Toss was another way for the community to give back during the holiday season. On Sunday night, fans threw thousands of plush toys on the ice at the London Knights game. The stuffed animals were also donated to The Salvation Army.

The Christmas Kettle Campaign has been going on all month, and is still going on – a chance for civilians to drop off a money donation in red containers for The Salvation Army at local malls, grocery stories, and other locations around London.

Volunteering is also a vital option during this time of year – soup kitchens, local shelters, health centers are always looking for helping hands. There’s never such thing as too much help, or too many donations – even simply donating your time is one step in the right direction.

So whether it’s taking part in your local fun run, donating items to your local food banks, or finding your own way to lend a helping hand, it’s important to keep the less fortunate in mind all year round – but especially during the holiday season.


One runner at the Santa Shuffle Fun Run was all smiles, feeling extra festive, knowing she’d done her good deed for the holiday season.

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