Trump may make groceries more expensive for struggling students

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Trump may make groceries more expensive for struggling students

Grocery bills may become even pricier for Canadian shoppers in the near future.


Food bank hamper

With the new US president Donald Trump’s promise to deport illegal immigrants, American farmers will be forced to pay workers minimum wage. These wage increases may make our grocery bills even more expensive in Canada, where a lot of our food is imported from the US.

Michael Hong, who is the coordinator of Western University’s Food Support Services, says there is a free anonymous food hamper program to help students struggling to put food on the table. When students sign up on the service’s Facebook page, they will receive enough ingredients to make two meals, which will placed in a discrete locker within the University Community Centre. Students will be given the locker’s combination once their hamper is ready. According to the coordinator, more than 60 students have taken advantage of the service so far this semester.


Hong also gives studentsĀ a list of options to save money of their grocery bills, including taking advantage of stores “deals of the day” or student discounts, buying food in season, purchasing in bulk, and checking out the London Food bank.

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