Blogging a newfound profession for young adults

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Blogging– a play-by-play of someone’s life.

This newfound profession for young adults is becoming very popular. Anyone can be a blogger, as long as they have time to devote hours to their site.

Sarah Kagan is a Lifestyle Blogger. She initially started her “Curly Chronicles” blog for an assignment for school, but she loved it so much, she continued to blog away.

Kagan says,  “I’m a very creative person as it is, and so my blog really allowed me to share my passion for fashion, beauty, travel and just so much more.”

Do bloggers need to disclose all their personal information online in order to gain followers?

Kagan explains, “Blogging is like a full-time job and to constantly feel as if you need to share every ounce of your life with your followers and with the rest of the world is just ridiculous. I mean, you’re still human, and you still need to value face-to-face communication and just those special relationships and moments that you have with your friends and family.”

A lot of bloggers work for free, unless a media company has hired them.

Kagan is an unpaid blogger. Kagan completed her undergrad at Laurier University, studied public relations at Humber College, and is now studying law in London, “I’m not blogging because I want to get paid, I’m blogging because I just really enjoy doing it as a hobby. I love sharing my passions and I just love being able to connect with so many cool people doing what I love to do.”

Kagan explains, “Even when you’re not getting paid I mean, when you’ve established a high enough following, you do receive tons of free products and you get invited to some incredible social events. So I mean, if you’re not doing it for the purpose of making money, then I don’t think not getting paid bothers you.”

Curly Chronicles has turned in a new direction. Sarah Kagan has taken her love for food, fashion, beauty and travel across the pond to explore Europe while going to law school.

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